Selling forest land, agricultural land, and farms with land

Interested in buying forest land or agricultural land in Estonia? We offer plots with mature forests, arable land, grasslands, and cut forest land. 

Looking to purchase a plot of forest and agricultural land of any size as an investment? In recent decades, land investments have been more profitable in Estonia than investments in residential and commercial real estate and ensured stable growth in any economic situation.

You are sure to find a suitable plot of forest or agricultural land from among our offers 

Interested in buying forest land or agricultural land?

We sell large plots and land parcels for investing, cultivating, as well as cutting:

  • Large forest plots
  • Large plots of arable land and agricultural land
  • Agricultural land with forest land
  • Farms and agricultural enterprises with land

You can also purchase smaller plots, the value of which increases with the general price growth of the land:

  • Groves
  • Farms with surrounding yards
  • Smaller plots of agricultural land
  • Country homes with agricultural land and forest land

See our offers for plots of forest land, agricultural land, and land with buildings 

Selling forest land, agricultural land, and farms with land. What type of land do you wish to purchase?

Sales of agricultural land

Looking to buy arable land? We are selling agricultural land both as separate plots and as parcels. We offer actively cultivated land as well as grasslands suitable for leasing or using as profit-yielding land. We also sell organic agricultural land as well as agricultural land that is overgrown or lying fallow. 

Thanks to the stable growth of land prices, agricultural land is one of the most profitable investments in Estonia. Looking to add fertile agricultural land to your agricultural portfolio to earn a profit from its cultivation? Or do you wish to invest in agricultural land and earn a profit from the general price growth of agricultural land and the lease income? Contact us – we can help you find a plot that meets your wishes and needs.

Sales of forest land

Interested in buying forest land in Estonia? We are selling forest land to both large investors and small landowners. We offer forest land with mature forests, the cutting of which can bring a profit immediately, as well as cut forest land, young forests, and forest land with middle-aged forests.

Forest land in Estonia is a convenient investment as all services required for the day-to-day management of forests are easily available. Therefore, there is no need to purchase forestry equipment. However, if you already own forestry equipment, you can contact us to purchase forest land of any size all across Estonia!

The value of forest land increases in almost any economic situation, which makes it a safe investment for saving and moderately increasing your assets. Based on biological growth, the annual yield of Estonian forests is approx. 3–5%, or up to 10% if the forest is managed professionally.

Looking to invest in forests or earn a profit from cutting a mature forest? We can help you find a plot of forest land that meets your needs.  

Sales of farms and country houses

We are selling farms and country houses all across Estonia. From us, you can purchase a country home with the surrounding farmyard as well as farms with forest and land. Our selection of plots includes agricultural enterprises with accompanying land as well as residential land with building rights.

Looking to buy a farm of country house with land? We are working towards constantly having new plots in our selection, from among which you can choose the most suitable one. Contact us – we are always selling.

Interested in buying forest land or agricultural land? Here are the advantages of buying from us:

We have been engaged in the purchase, sale, and maintenance of forest land and agricultural land since 1994. We have plenty of experience in the area and can recommend the plots that meet our clients’ needs most precisely.

We have single ownership over all plots and know all of the nuances of the purchase and sale of the plots – this prevents any unexpected surprises and issues in the purchasing process.

All plots are actually on sale and immediately available

We will sell the plot to the first buyer at the price shown on the website – this way, you will avoid the price war between several interested parties when buying from a private owner. 

Land transactions are our day-to-day job and we can provide current information regarding plots on sale. When choosing between plots, you will not need to contact several sellers or brokers. All of the information required to make a purchase is available quickly and from one place.

When buying from us, you are buying straight from the owner – no commission fees of real estate agencies apply. Usually, the broker requests the commission fee from the seller, but in reality, it is paid by the buyer. 

If you wish to purchase several plots at once, we can be more flexible in our price formation.

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