What types of land do we purchase?

Purchase of forest land, agricultural land, and arable land

A fast transaction at the best price. See the types of plots we expect price enquiries for across Estonia


Purchase of agricultural land

We purchase agricultural land, arable land, grasslands, and pastures all across Estonia – you can offer us fertile fields, lands lying fallow, or overgrown agricultural land.


Purchase of forest land

Looking to sell forest land with a mature forest? A recently cut forest land? A young forest? Both deciduous and coniferous forests are welcome.


Purchase of agricultural land with forest land

Both adjacent and separate forest and agricultural plots can be offered. If you wish to sell quickly, the money can be paid to the seller immediately!


Purchase of country houses and farms with land

Do you wish to sell a farm, an agricultural enterprise, a country house, or a summer house with forest and land of considerable size? We will buy them all at once! We help with land surveying and other necessary procedures.


Purchase of grasslands and pastures

Looking to sell grasslands? A seaside pasture? A meadow by the forest? Send us the basic information of the plot of land as well as the desired price – we can make you an offer quickly and conveniently.


Purchase of parts of forest or agricultural land

Do you have a larger plot of forest or agricultural land, of which you only wish to sell a part? If you wish to sell, we can measure the suitable part of the plot and pay the seller immediately.


Purchase of land with a mature forest

Looking to sell forest land with a mature forest? If you sell the mature forest along with the forest land, you will get the best price! Ask for a price quote – we can give you a better price than any broker!


Purchase of cutting rights

Looking to make a profit off your forest but keep the land? We are purchasing cutting rights! As a company managing forests ourselves, we can make you the best offer and pay the money immediately!


Purchase of overgrown agricultural land

Has your fallow agricultural land overgrown? Instead of costly recovery works, sell it to us – we are purchasing overgrown agricultural land all over Estonia. A fast transaction at the best price.


Purchase of young forests

A young forest that has grown after regeneration cutting requires diligent action? We purchase both naturally reforested and planted young forests.


Purchase of cut forest land

Looking to sell forest land after regeneration cutting or thinning? We purchase cut forest land all across Estonia – ask for a price quote!


Purchase of forest land with a middle-aged forest

We purchase forest land with middle-aged forests. Looking to earn a profit off your forest before it matures? Make sure to ask us for a price quote!


Purchase of co-owned forest land and agricultural land

Looking to sell land as its co-owner? We will help you divide co-owned land into physical shares! We also help with all procedures accompanying the sales transaction.


Purchase of land in areas with nature conservation-related restrictions

We purchase land in all Estonian areas with nature conservation-related restrictions – in special management zones, national parks, Natura 2000 areas, or in key biotopes or permanent habitats.


Purchase of organic agricultural land

Looking to sell land not burdened with excess fertilisation or plant protection products? We purchase organic agricultural land all across Estonia!


Purchase of land encumbered with a mortgage

Looking to sell land purchased from the state with a mortgage? We purchase both forest and agricultural land encumbered with a mortgage! We help with the procedures related to the sales transaction.

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