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More than 25 years of experience with forest and land transactions

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We are purchasing forests and forest land. Purchasing agricultural land, farms, and country houses all across Estonia

Purchase of forests. Purchase of forest land. Purchase of agricultural land. Purchase of farms and country houses. All across Estonia. Looking to sell your forest, forest land, agricultural land, or agricultural enterprise? Send us your offer along with the desired price so we could make you an offer quickly and conveniently. We are also willing to purchase parts of plots, forest land and agricultural land together, as well as operational agricultural enterprises with land.

Purchase of forest land

We are purchasing forest land across Estonia – both forest land with mature forests and cut forest land. You can also offer young forests, middle-aged forests, brushwoods, and parts of forest plots. 

Our experience with forest transactions and managing forest land dates back to 1994. We know the varied details of forest land transactions and forestry and can ensure a fast and smooth transaction.

We buy spruce, birch, aspen, and pine forests. You can offer various forest types for sale – pine, spruce, birch, and aspen forests on humid and fertile as well as dry and poor soils – in any stage of growth and maturity.

Purchase of forests. Purchase of cutting rights

Looking to make a profit off your forest but keep the land? We are purchasing cutting rights!

In order to carry out transactions, we require a valid forest notification and a forestry management plan. If necessary, we can cooperate with our partners to compile them quickly.

The price will be formed based on the price of the cut forest after deducting expenses related to the cutting and the transportation of the forest material.

Purchase of agricultural land

We are purchasing agricultural land in mainland Estonia as well as in Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. You can offer arable land, pastures, overgrown agricultural land, and grasslands for sale. Send us the cadastral number of the plot along with your desired price and we can make you an offer quickly and conveniently.

A fast and safe transaction at the best price! We guarantee that the seller is given the full sales price through the deposit account of a notary.

Purchase of farms, country houses, and agricultural enterprises

Looking to sell your farm or country house along with forest or agricultural land? Want to find a buyer for an active agricultural enterprise? We purchase farms and country houses with land all across Estonia!

If you wish to sell only the forest and land and keep the buildings and farmyard, we can help you in the sales procedures and land surveying. A fast transaction at the best price!

ESTEST PR – more than 25 years of experience with forest and land transactions

We have been purchasing forest land, agricultural land, forests, and farms with land since 1994. 

We have many years of experience with forest land and agricultural land transactions, we actively manage forest lands, and we have developed long-term relationships with partners in the agricultural sector.

We can help in sales-related procedures, provide professional insight, and ensure a fast and smooth sales transaction. Looking for a fast transaction with immediate payment? Or a higher price and longer sales time? We can offer both.

Selling your forest or land? Be sure to ask us for an offer. As a company actively engaged in the management and maintenance of land, we can offer a better price than any broker.

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